Friday, October 10, 2008

The title, the title

So…why the Cyniqueen, you ask? (Yes, yes, no one’s asked; but this is MY blog and I want to tell. So humour me? Please?). Cynical+Queen, hence the Cyniqueen. Duh. BUT, read on.

Cynicism – that lovely refuge which, honestly, feels like home where everything is as you left it and you can shoo anyone else away – is my answer to the niggling little annoyances of life. You know, you’ve slept at 3:00 am the night before, you have a 9 o’ clock class the next day, you don’t have time for breakfast and you trip on your way and you reach class at 5 past 9 and oh my, the classroom’s locked? That’s when I look about and say to myself ‘why not?’ or something to that effect. And that’s that. I turn around and go back. And I’m fine. THAT is the power of cynicism. Now I know cynicism has a lot more to it than just that.
Check this out if you want to know more.

And then there’s sarcasm. And people like just DON’T GET IT! Like if our exams get advanced (preponed, as opposed to postponed, is wrong, didja know?) and I give my sarcastic smile and say this is amazing because yay, at least there’s no doubt that I’ll fail, people look at me like I’m mad. Like I’m mad. I fear for the future of sweet, sweet sarcasm.
(7th October, 2008. 3:45 PM)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

First of all...

Could there be anything more fist-eatingly boring, I ask you, than sitting here on this random Sunday night completing my SECOND assignment in the last twenty-four hours? The answer is yes, because my assignment, you see, is not any random assignment. It is about the comparison of two Shakespearean protagonists. Now, on days where assignments and submissions are concepts as distant as flying octopuses, I like Shakespeare; I like him very much. But today, oh today, I am ever so sleep deprived.

Here's the long and the short of it (I never did understand that expression: which one is it, long or short? Make up your mind, already!) - I study English at a reputed university in Pune, India.

Point two? I like to write. Point three - I am a woman. Point four - Yes, Bridget Jones rocks and although I am not much like her (no smoking, drinking, self-help book mania...what's that? I sound boring? Go read something else then!) I am also a lot like her in freakishly similar ways.

Point five - I hope that this humble little endeavour of a blog remains out of the domain of Bridgetjones-ism but acquires instead a unique flavour of its own. I hope I can write interestingly enough and not write anything that might later make me combust in shame (whaddya know? That was a Bridgetjones-ism right there!). But most of all, I do sincerely hope that blogs don't suddenly go off the radar now that I've FINALLY started one. Hurrah for procrastination! And thank you, sweet reader, for your time.

Until I write again, I remain, your most faithful, the Cyniqueen.