Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Miscellaneous,

To my last level of German, C1: Thank you for everything. I will love you forevermore, especially because I unexpectedly topped the class with a 'sehr gut'. You gave me knowledge and wisdom (I had an exam related epiphany which told me that the ranks don't matter and that exams do not reflect our real capacity. And I stuck to this notion, for the most part). While I bid you goodbye, I can see my next German challenge in the horizon, an international exam in April that must be aced if I want to get into a good German university. That bridge draws closer and I'm going to cross the hell out of it.

To my internship at a newspaper, which will start soon: I am grateful for you, but please go easy on me, especially when it comes to running all over the city in this ever growing heat to cover events and stories. But I love you :)

And now, to the dumbshits playing drums cacophonously loudly outside my house (in light of India's good performance in the cricket match until now):  While I appreciate that you are using your lack of productivity and your drums, might I advise you to do so after the match has been won and not half way through. FYI, the national cricket team? They can't hear you in Bangalore where the match is being played. Which is in another city (in case your drumming and dancing kept you too busy to know this fact). Also, I can see you from my window and there are...let's see...precisely 5 other urchins with you, dancing and whistling and laughing like they just got hit on the head and lost their ability to think intelligently. So, not a very large number of crazed, whistling supporters, is it? Now, why don't you walk away slowly from the silly drum, stop dancing, and be very silent and think about all this? Especially in light of the article deadline that looms (and dances, much like yourselves) before my exasperated eyes?

Yours sincerely,
The Cyniqueen.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Summer lovin' (almost)

Before the unsparing heat of the rapidly approaching summer makes me forget why I like it, I want to state it here. For the record.

Every plant and tree and shrub and bush that can bear fruit or flower, is beginning to bear fruit or flower. Mango trees everywhere I look droop deliciously with the weight of their fertility - green-yellow-dusty looking flowers. A photo that attempts to show this:

Soft focus used in a desperate attempt to distract from the substandard photo. I have neither the lens, nor the camera and I suffer also, it would seem, in the skills department. BUT, see how prettily it shines in the sun :)

And bursts of yellow, here and there on the trees that bloomed prematurely. And summer fruits - mango and watermelon and musk melon and jackfruit and orange.

But when the Summer unleashes its ghastly hot, bright glare at us, I will forget the nice things it brings along. Lying about the house like a sack of potatoes, with the fan on full and the heat whirling about in a deathly suffocating  flux, I will detest everything about the season. I will deny ever having found anything pleasurable about it. But for now, when sweat has only just come back from its winter break and you can still step out in the afternoons without feeling like coal in fire, I am oblivious to the inferno that's rubs its fiery hands with glee and beckons me.

Much more, later.
Yours with laav,

The Cyniqueen :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A little less conversation, a little more action please

I am a little tired of talking, but lovely things have been happening to me, mentally and emotionally. A stability is steadily building itself, and very slowly, the blind picture in my mind's eye has begun to show discernible shapes, and an explosion of colour and it shines and glows like nobody's business.

A sunny Amsterdam day. Sigh.

Yes, I'm being vague
Yes, I'm no sage

But ever so slow
I let things go
The way they want
They drop, they slant,
but stay afloat:
An unsinkable boat.

Things will happen
I will change
My life's a boon,
my mind's a bane

But through the mist,
the doubtful haze
Dreams will emerge.

And yes, I'm vague
And I'm no sage.

I know, I know, I did the vague thing again. It's just a picture of all my dreams coming together, but I don't want to ruin it with words.
Plus, my new motto (for today, anyway) - Work more, talk less :)

Happy Saturday!

The Cyniqueen.