Saturday, January 28, 2012

A minute too late

Only for the longest eternity, I want you by my side 

Just for a minute I want to close my eyes and forget that I have a magazine to conceptualize and a radio-program manuscript to write.

Just for a minute I want to sip on hot ginger chai (with whole fat milk).

Just for a minute I want a clean room, an organized study table and a devilishly beckoning unmade bed

Just one for a minute, I want to feel the hurried impatience of turning the page in a book I can't put down.

Just for a minute, I want to read as if there's nothing else to do.

Just for a heartbeat, I want the hollow, crashing sound of the waves resonating in my ears.

Just for a minute, I want nothing else to matter, except the peace I feel when I'm lying in bed.

Just for a minute, a lingering minute that does not want to leave, that shuffles it's feet at the door and keeps looking back as it's walking away -- just for that little diamond of a minute, I want today to feel as Saturdays should -- lazy and free and bed-lounging and jazz-playing, with the glittering promise of a sloth-y Sunday right ahead.

Sigh. Such is life.

Yours longingly,

The Cyniqueen

P:S-[Photo via weheartit]

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quick Post (Because I miss you and love you)

The you in the title is you, dear reader. The me, on the other hand, is a bit ashamed at not having posted for a while. I find it very hard to post when life is happening at a fervent, bursting pace as it is now now. So, where does that leave us? At bullet points, of course, I am tempted to say, but I mustn't be lazy.

So. The coolest thing happened to me last week. I was running to catch the train  (descending down the steps of the subway train station). The train was in sight when the alarm signalling that the doors were about to close sounded. But the driver saw me and STOPPED THE CLOSING DOORS MIDWAY. I couldn't thank him, but I sent a lot of happy thoughts his way. Love small, silly, happy moments like this :)

Also, there's still no snow in Berlin. I saw snow once and was terribly excited about it, until people pointed out that what I saw wasn't 'real' snowfall and it's normally much thicker and prettier. They say it's one of the warmest winters in Berlin this year. I'm scared of minus temperatures, and I'm a little paranoid about whether I'll survive, but dammit, I want to see some of that white wonder.

University has been a little crazy, with lots of work and classes. I'm trying (hard) to organize my thoughts about what I want to do in the future. Sometimes an option glows before my eyes like a volcano sputtering fire. And the next day it dwindles to a tepid ember, impassively waiting its end. For how long can this back and forth-ing of career options go on? I can only hope it yields something fruitful.

And now, I have to go watch a film and write a critique about it.
(But before that, some indulgent Roadies 9 viewing online. Teehee).

Love and purple feathers (because that's a nice image, isn't it?),
The Cyniqueen