Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the sunny side of the street

I'll be popping the bubbly soon, oh yes I will. [via Google Image Search]

As much as I love doing listy posts, I sort of miss posts-posts. So here's some news...ish.

I am probably going to Berlin next month if all the formalities go smoothly. I have a good feeling about it all. In fact, it takes all of my restraint not to dance as I type this (but a little jig never hurt anyone).

And horrid university applications are finally done. You may now join in my jig. Happily. Not like you're being forced. Dooo it.

I have fun lists to do now, namely things-to-buy. Wheee!

Also, the prospect of making new friends in Germany is a great one. Especially when things on that front here in India are not too hot, with about 2 exceptions. Why do some things have to be so difficult? I wish I could say more, but loose lips might sink ships. (P.S - Please go hear the song, it's awesome).

But but but, nothing can get me down right this minute because an official phone call I received some time back takes me one step closer to Germany. Eee! ^_^

The Cyniqueen

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eff this

via Google Image Search

  • Eff being in a great hurry, trying dress quickly and wearing your top inside out.
  • Eff sitting at home all day, doing application work.
  • Eff paperwork. Eff it to the deep bowels of hell, where Satan and his minions will proceed to use it as second-hand toilet paper.
  • Eff having to sit at the laptop for hours on the end and getting an aching finger-joint for your troubles.
  • Eff feeling lonely despite all my alter-egos (Am I joking? Nnnalmost).
  • Eff rolls of fat and the power they have to plunge one into depression.
  • Eff being alone in the house all the time.
  • Eff this heaving, circling, wrecking, smashing, screeching tornado inside my head.
  • Eff eff eff eff eff eff.
Venting is overrated. But tomorrow is a new day.

The Cyniqueen

P.S - The 'nnalmost' thing is from Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things when Rahel is trying to deny having seen Velutha even though she actually has. How many nnalmost moments do you have? I have millions, mostly when in conversation with myself.