Friday, February 25, 2011

Summer lovin' (almost)

Before the unsparing heat of the rapidly approaching summer makes me forget why I like it, I want to state it here. For the record.

Every plant and tree and shrub and bush that can bear fruit or flower, is beginning to bear fruit or flower. Mango trees everywhere I look droop deliciously with the weight of their fertility - green-yellow-dusty looking flowers. A photo that attempts to show this:

Soft focus used in a desperate attempt to distract from the substandard photo. I have neither the lens, nor the camera and I suffer also, it would seem, in the skills department. BUT, see how prettily it shines in the sun :)

And bursts of yellow, here and there on the trees that bloomed prematurely. And summer fruits - mango and watermelon and musk melon and jackfruit and orange.

But when the Summer unleashes its ghastly hot, bright glare at us, I will forget the nice things it brings along. Lying about the house like a sack of potatoes, with the fan on full and the heat whirling about in a deathly suffocating  flux, I will detest everything about the season. I will deny ever having found anything pleasurable about it. But for now, when sweat has only just come back from its winter break and you can still step out in the afternoons without feeling like coal in fire, I am oblivious to the inferno that's rubs its fiery hands with glee and beckons me.

Much more, later.
Yours with laav,

The Cyniqueen :)

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