Sunday, April 10, 2011

I am completely calm and controlled....(not)

On Tuesday - The mother of all German exams.

Surreally sensitive to the heat (evidently) - my skin

Overcast - Pune at the moment

I am not going to freak out, I am not going to freak out, I am not going to freak out. The exam is in Delhi, where I must go. Which is what makes everything...grander. And puts more pressure on me. Oooh, though. May be will get to do some shopping. Not that I particularly love to shop, but still. It's Delhi.

I have to go describe graphs in German now. Any luck or prayers you send my way will be most humbly accepted and most greedily ingested (by mind, naturally, not body). 

Yours nervously,

The Cyniqueen.


unmesh.ronaldo said...

and then what happened???

Cyniqueen said...

And then I answered the exam and I don't know how well or horribly I did. I'm waiting for my results which should be out around the end of the month. A few more days of hope to go...