Saturday, August 22, 2015

Little Nothings - I

A question mark floats around in her head languidly, unhurriedly. Unattached to any articulate thought. But still there. Breathing, swimming as do tiny fish on the ocean floor. It darts from one corner to another. Not thinking, not working - just a small burst of curiosity, of wonderment - just the feeling of a question.

The poor air conditioning of the hotel room swirls warm air around, and in Lila's head, spurts bursts of sunset-orange light around the hotel room. She puts on a thin robe over her nightdress, opens the sliding door to the balcony and sits in one of the plastic chairs facing the ocean. The clouds all look like question marks.


Note: Skipping past the apologies, the I'm-so-sorry-I-haven't-been-posting - it's been a phase where I haven't felt like writing. Every time the thought would occur to me, I'd feel like I'd overeaten and was being forced to eat some more. So I didn't. 

Now that little magic flakes of creativity have started a low buzzing in my head again, I'll write those thoughts here. As they are. Little to no editing. I'm going to try this out. Okay? Okay.

Cheers and ocean love from Greece (from Greece!),
The Cyniqueen

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