Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh bloody 'ell!

Clicked at the institute - Good weather, bad day

I have had some what of a crappy week, what with coming down with a violent flu (because of which I had to miss class yesterday) and realizing that I am not quite enjoying the current German course as of now.
And Goa. I miss home. I miss living in a place I can be proud of. Not that Pune isn't fabulous (especially the noise. Love the noise) but it's just not me. Been talking a little with Brad, old college friend with whom misunderstandings were cleared last week. Brad is also away from home and also has had shitty luck with friends. Had a nice chat on Facebook last night about being drunk and the power of Zen. He says you have to try sitting straight, with your fingers (but not palms) touching, close eyes and calmly say 'I...AM...ZEN' for inner peace. The only Zen I really used to think about was mom's pretty pink car at home which I get to drive when I go home. But maybe I should give it a shot. And if it works, Zen before men. Haha.

Also, the H key on my keyboard is acting up like a stubborn child who refuses to drink milk. I have to resort to corporal punishment, hitting the key very hard before it spits out the letter on screen. Which is why the title of this post has 'ell in it.  Things like these are such an utter waste of frustration and annoyance, I feel like god is just screwing with me while he takes a beer break or an Amrut break or whatever break it is that god might be taking. Ooh, wonder why there is no god of technology. You know, like your computer crashes and the repair guys say ' We've done everything we could. All you can do now is pray.' I know you're probably backing away slowly to get away from the crazy ranting, but I'm too tired to take that  metaphor any further anyway.

Haemoglobin count in my body is low! Got the blood test results in the evening. Apparently low Hb leads to tiredness, breathlessness, low concentration  and the list goes on. Have a scary image of my body with slots for nutrients and the Hb/Iron slot blinking red and a hot phone operator voice saying- Warning, warning - Haemoglobin levels low. Please eat iron rich nutrients NOW!' 
Feel like having one of Popeye's instant energy spinach cans. Except in my mind, when I was a kid, that particular brand of spinach tasted scrumptious.
(Completely random thought, but does anyone remember the Powerpuff girls episode where the kids of Townsville have to save the city by eating Broccoli aliens? Loved the bit where they pour cheese on them. Mmmm...cheese).

And that has made me hungry. Off I go.

-The Cyniqueen
P.S - Adam Lambert's 'Time for Miracles' from the 2012 OST. Listen. Like. Comment. Muah!

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