Sunday, March 7, 2010


Comfortable and sleepy.
Too-short shorts and a too-big T-shirt
Sunday newspapers and late morning brunches
Dulled traffic-noises from outside

I love Sundays. Even more so because of late I've been having class on Saturday. Sunday, therefore, is the sole sweet comfort of the week. The lone day of big breakfasts and sloth. Deserved-sloth, that is ;)

A steady downfall of all things technological/electrical recently (laptop, internet, phone,fan, exaggeration here) has had me thinking about the purpose of life. This philosophical endeavour, of course, was preceded by shock, hope, disappointment, rage, tears and helpless resignation. The end result? My laptop has been languishing at HP since...oh about 3 weeks and my phone is non-functional. Thank God for old phones (where the joystick doesn't work well, but I'm not complaining).

Level 5 of German has begun and it is tough. I've been sitting for 3 hours everyday and still barely manage to finish homework. And the teacher will always, but always ask you for the homework you haven't done. So typical. The good thing though, is that we read some German poetry (Kurt Tucholsky's Das Ideal. Excellent.) and were asked to interpret it. At which I was all antennae-alert, because hah, literature I can do. It was actually fun and I realized I actually miss the days of English M.A. Teaching is a profession I have been actively trying to run away from, but it I guess it does have its advantages... It would give me a chance to be in the field of academia and writing, which is amazing. But I so don't want to have homework when I'm earning. It's the absolute bane of a student's life. Exams are awful, yes, but then homework is everyday. Like slow death, no?

I'm torn between wanting a long relaxed stay at home doing a course in photography, taking more care of my health, learning guitar from a professional (as opposed to the self-learning I've done mostly off the internet) and basically, just enjoying home. The other part of me wants to be in Germany, experience the land and culture, meet new people (and finally be with the ones I already know and love). Leaving Pune won't be hard at all, that I'm sure of. Unless some strange sub-conscious bond was developed in the last 2 and a half years and I suddenly realize that as I'm finally leaving, waving people goodbye. Heh., unlikely.

Things will happen quick and I have just about a month to decide. But for now, homework awaits.

Yes, so lame, but this blog is mine
That barely rhymed
Oh my god, that was pathetic. As my creativity is being usurped by the dread of doing homework, I really should stop.

Until later :)


Pesto Sauce said...

I used to love Sundays in India but here they are work days

Cyniqueen said...

Oh no. I always think if I were put on an island with no way of knowing the time or the day, I'd still lean back a little on Sundays. They live inside us and then unleash themselves, no?
But a lazy day is a lazy day. I bet Fridays aren't so bad either