Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just some randomness

At a supermarket in Rotterdam. Look at the colours :)

Things I bought today:
  • One birthday card (not for myself because the birthday is over. And because I'm not that person. Yet).
  • One coconut
  • Cosmopolitan and Better Photography (still don't have that DSLR, in case you're wondering. When I have one, believe me, you'll know. Mars and Pluto and Jupiter will know too).
  • A flower garland
Things I heard:
  • Very boring 90's hindi music (the absolutely unheard of kind that plays in buses on long journeys).
  • Horse hooves - rhythmic, pure, trotting, clipped  (through the window of my living room. Love that sound. Such sensory delight).
  • A drunk singing loudly passing by the house (also heard through the window of my living room. I do need to start looking for a new place).

Today wasn't special. Nothing fluttered (least of all hope), nothing changed. 

I should be getting ready for bed right now. I should be worrying about universities right now. I should be rejoicing that internet's back after a day. Oh, and I should be clearing up the table.

But I want to be in bed with a book. I want to be in Berlin, with the cold, and the snow and I want to miss Goa from there. I want a magic wand to clean up my life. I want that magic wand to be ME.

How's that for vague?

Goodnight folks

The Cyniqueen


Arash Mazinani said...

Thanks for coming through and commenting on my blog

Cyniqueen said...

Likewise! I love the tips you give and the things you write about. Thanks for this comment

unmesh.ronaldo said...

"Im not that person. Yet"

I like that disclaimer. its funny. and i can empathize with a lot of what your feeling in that post.

Cyniqueen said...

I bet it's the vague bit you like
We are sailing (sinking?) in the same boat, I think.
Thank you for the nice comment :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Send me the magic wand. And also one of those bottles

Cyniqueen said...

Magic wand = you yourself. That was the epiphany-ish point of it all.
Besides, after one of the bottles (or more, as the case may be), everything's going to look like magic anyway