Thursday, December 16, 2010

Most embarrassing moment yet (tried to express in the most dignified way possible)

The time - September 2010
The place - Hanover, Germany

 (from the movie Chicago)
"Look, honey,
you want some advice?
Here it is.
Direct from me to you ."
  • Do not mix drinks. Ever.  
  • Note : Things like wine, 'peppermint liqueur' shots and Sekt (German sparkling white wine which tastes very the Italian Prosecco ) - though they sound harmless, aren't. They will inebriate you. Oh, and just because it's fancily called 'liqueur' does not mean that it still isn't 'liquor'.

Bad picture, but this is the brand of Sekt I had in Germany. It means Red Riding Hood :)
  • Do not run on a drunk stomach (even at 3:30 in the morning, even if it means missing the last train to your guest's home. Just don't).
  • Do not think you can 'close your mouth shut tight and hold it in till you find a loo' if you have to upchuck.
  • After you've learnt your lesson, do run to the dry cleaner's as quickly as you can.
  • Don't think about it every night for the next 3 months and feel very very horrified, because as desperately as you want to, you cannot take it back. You must stew in the mortification of it for as long as you live. Or until you do something even more embarrassing (of which, unfortunately, the chances seem high) - either way, it will be one of the images that will flash before your embarrassed eyes in those dying moments. 
Needless to say, I am going to be neurotically cautious the next time there is a bottle of peppermint liqueur anywhere near me. Oh, the shame.


And since misery loves company
Why don't you accompany
The Cyniqueen in her quest
to find the very best
embarrassing moment of all?
Do you have the gall

to put fingers to keyboard?
Let it act like a sword
Slay the cringe-inducing memory away
Write a post on the same theme, I say.

Would you?


unmesh.ronaldo said...

man i love the way you wrote that. very humorous. i only cant agree with why you were mortified by it for months after. for me it would have been another great drinking story that we would have told and laughed about again and again.

Cyniqueen said...

Thanks, Unmesh. Oh the shame though, because I'm not THAT girl, you know? Then again, who knows, may be after a few more episodes like this, shock will be replaced by nostalgia (and nausea. Heh). But you see, that'll never happen because I'm never mixing drinks again. Ever.

Pesto Sauce said...

I too am cautious when tasting something new and take it in in small measures to start with

I once puked on Old Monk...something which I have gorwn up with, so one never knows what can hit

Cyniqueen said...

My mistake, Pesto, was that I wasn't cautious, when I should have been. Sigh - this has been my nemesis time and again, but we hardly ever learn, do we?
You grew up on Old Monk means what?
And also, happy new year :D