Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh me oh my...

From the Barista window at MG Road, Pune. I know it's not the best photo, but there's something about its imperfection I like.
I so wanted to write one last post for 2010, but I was blissfully busy with a buzz only December can bring (and I don't mean the alcoholic kind). It was mostly spending time with everyone I love and bumming at Sernabatim and Benaulim and relaxing at home.

And look - it's already almost the end of Jan...where did it disappear, I ask you? The answer pleases and perplexes me all at the same time. German class has begun again, probably the last of the courses. I'm writing to German universities, reading course descriptions, looking for internships and freelance work all at the same time - I mean, it's not the most ambitious of schedules, but believe me, it will get there. I don't have a new year's resolution as such, but I do see myself working hard this year and I think it will be a relatively fruitful one. It better.

Nice things about the year so far:
  • The cool weather (which, for a brief period of two weeks, was so cold that I actually got to wear my H & M Jacket that I bought in Berlin!). It has started getting warmer though, and absolutely torturous visions of a relentless summer swim before my eyes - for instance, last year, my sister and I tried littering the floor with ice cubes in a vain attempt to make the room cooler. *shudders* (though not because of the cold. Heh).
  • Mom staying here for a few days.
  • Chino, the cat, who prances around the place I stay and lets you pick him up and is nice and well fed.

Not so nice things:
  • Acne, with its supernatural ability to rise above all medical treatment, stays stubbornly anchored to my face. I tell myself my time will come, when I can look in the mirror and not flinch. But when, dammit, when?
  • Punctures in the back tyre of my bike and something about ball bearings in rear tyre, which is going to cost me a little more than I'd like. Remember when the ballcock was broken? Strange coincidence, no?
  • Missing gym because of clashing timings with my class. Must work this out.

Oh, and I've missed blogging so very much.

Bis sp├Ąter, you guys. Mmmuah!

The Cyniqueen

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