Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I dipped my heart in sunshine

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  • I will be in Germany next month at this time soon (ifeverythinggoeswellwiththevisabutIhavefaithanditwill).
  • Packing is hard.
  • Wrapping up your life in a city (well, country) is harder still.
  • Giving away old clothes which are ill-fitting and worn; and to which memories cling like musty smells, is tragic.
  • I will miss Indian English Television. And knowing about the latest hindi movies and songs. And Tata Sky.
  • And my night lamp in my room in Goa that I love so much (but I will buy another one at Ikea the first chance I get).
  • I just discovered the best waterproof curling Mascara ev-er. The downside? I can't seem to find any more bottles. Talk about disappointing discontinuation of much loved products (Which I did here that one time).
  • I have had 2 doses of local anaesthesia injected into my jaw in the last two days. A routine dental check-up has turned into one continual hell-session, with me needing to visit every day so as to be done with all root canal-ing and wisdom tooth extracting (uh huh) in time before I leave. Thankfully, I have no dentist phobia, and I'm, somewhat immaturely, I must admit, immensely enjoying coming up with new dental double entendres (cavities being filled, dark places being poked and so on). I share them only with myself though, not with the dentist. Obviously.
In other news, I might be cat-sitting for a friend for 3 whole weeks in December and the prospect makes me tizzy with excitement. Two. Cute. Fat. CATS. You guys! :D

The Cyniqueen


    Gunjan said...

    Woot woot.. Bring out the Paaaarttyyyy hats. ;)

    The Barman looks forward to your attendance at the next big house party.

    Cyniqueen said...

    Why, thank you, Barman. The Cyniqueen is honoured
    *does a low bow*

    Ice Maiden said...

    Bloghopped here!

    Cat sitting!!! Awwww!! Arent they the most cutest furry lil things on the planet?? :) :) :)

    Love how neat your blog looks! :)


    Pesto Sauce said...

    I too am visiting Germany, will be in Cologne for a day on 30th

    Cyniqueen said...

    @Annie - Thanks so much! Cats make me go into spontaneous baby talk, they're so adorable ^_^

    @Pesto - Hope your trip so far has been good. I'm in Berlin now :D