Saturday, February 4, 2012


Because in the crisscross craziness of life, when one moment meets another, magic happens, sparks fly and everything comes together like a rainbow on a sunny day. Like yesterday, when the sun shone so prettily on the fresh, shining mounds and drapes of snow, nothing else mattered.

This is a part of Fantabulous February for Kanika's awesome blog. Go take a look!

The Cyniqueen


♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

Wow this is so different.
As in, I just read 4-5 blogs who've done the fantabulous feb post and you looked at it in a completely different perspective.

Loved it! :)

Ruhani said...

Different people, different interpretations. All of a single picture that a girl with a wonderful blog posted! I like! :)

Tangerine said...

true that ^^ @ Ruhani
I love the idea of Fantabulous feb though.

Cyniqueen said...

Happy Go Lucky - Thank you so much!

Ruhani - Thank you. And yes, that is one wonderful blog :)

Tangerine - I know! Gives me a reason to write everyday. Or try, anyway :P