Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keep calm and leap on

Things could have ended badly for her. They usually did. She hadn't spoken to them in months, may be even a couple of years. It was hard to keep track of these things when you were on the road.

It was hard to remember the smell of burned toast on a Sunday morning and the sudden start of the old taps sputtering blasts of cold water on your skin with no prior warning.

When she was on the road, hopping from one city to the next, flying to different countries every week, drinking precisely 3 cups of chamomile tea a day and singing exactly 8 songs every night (except when she got an encore), it seemed easy to treat it all like an unreal haze. Especially if you counted all the heroin.

She'd squirm, when out of nowhere, a pale, glowing evening sky would remind her of the creaky porch at home and their old blind dog who sat there in the evenings slobbering unceasingly.

Today, she turned 29 years old. Her phone rang and it was them. How could she not say yes? How could she not leave it all to go see that dog that slobbered, the porch that creaked (even when no one was sitting there), the taps that startled and the blackened toast you treasured more than any cheque?

She boarded the plane with shaky hands. In a less sane world in a big city, the bosses were furious. Her phone kept ringing. But she had already answered the most important call of all. Keep calm, she told herself, and leap on.

The plane crashed exactly 40 minutes after it took off. When they found her body, she had the faintest smile etched upon her face.

The traces of heroin in her body which actually killed her, they found several weeks later.


Too morose? This is a part of Fantabulous February started by this talented blogger. Last day today, but waiting for more bloggerly awesomeness from Soumi.


The Cyniqueen


IceMaiden said...

This made me a little sad - but it was really well written! :)

I think I will do a Musical March/May.. :)

Soumi said...

Reading your post took me to random directions-my reckless early teenage days,the fights with my parents to Whitney and what not. FF will be missed. I can only hope to match up to ten per cent of its awesomeness. Thank you so much for marketing Memorable March for free!:P

Cyniqueen said...

Annie - Thank you! Yes, please do :D

Soumi - Hehe, you're welcome sweetie. I love this whole blogging network thing. Looking forward to your posts!

Soul Sister said...

You have outdone Yourself Boka! :)

I am stunned at your talent (no negative connotation to the 'stunned', mind you) and immensely proud. And morose or not, It.Is.Awesome.

I loved the story (for who will not? O_o) and the details you put in, the language used and your pure mastery over English, yet again.

Anonymous said...

Not morose, its real

Tangerine said...

Wah, this was like some page from a really nice fiction book.
It was sad, it was intriguing. Love it.

Cyniqueen said...

Soul Sister - Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your encouragement keeps me going :)

Tangerine - Thank you so much for your kind words!