Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oops, I did it again

Hellew blogosphere!

Le bullet points:

  • I just finished a spring internship 
  • University just resumed 
  • I have no time to breathe 
  • Creativity is being throttled by aforementioned breathing difficulty 
  • My face has surrendered to acne without the slightest struggle of a fight. Yet again.
  • Last night K. and I video-recorded bits of a concert by an awesome band called The Legendary Lost Mojados. It was a part of university work and felt very hoity-toity, what with lugging the camera and tripod around and getting asked for our business card. Heh.
A bout of self-doubt seems to have left me creatively-paralysed as it were and all attempts to resuscitate my fading writing-abilities have been disappointing.

Until I figure out what the hell this phase this (and hopefully have some time to work on the idea for a new blog that has been fermenting in my mind) the posts might be scarce. Or there might too many for you to keep up with.

Flowers and spring love from Berlin,
The Cyniqueen


K. said...

aaaargh, ich habe gerade alle Videos, die wir mit der Spiegelreflexkamera gefilmt haben, gesichtet. das bedeutet : mehr als 100 Video. ich denke, dass ich rausgefunden habe, was von dir ist und was von mir ist. wouhou \o/

Cyniqueen said...

Boah! 100 Videos durchzuschauen, das muss schon eine heftige Aufgabe gewesen sein. Aber ich freue mich total auf das Ergebniss ^o^
Bis gleich!

Anonymous said...

You seem to be German by jow