Thursday, May 10, 2012

Groping in the dark

Weekend chai mug. Oh Yeah.
Listening to Chansonwhile trying to deal with impending deadlines.

Trying (ever so desperately, ever so unsuccessfully) to deal with homesickness, that illness whose cure I can't afford right now.

Trying to pinpoint the exact moment that Berlin became my wife and India my mistress instead of the other way around (I want to say husband and lover, but it doesn't convey my point in the same way, does it? Also, this metaphor has nothing to do with my views as a woman.)

Trying to shoo away the recurring gloom that intercepts every sentence and every thought on days like today.

University is like trying to get on a speeding train which decided not to wait for you but expects you to hop on anyway. I still like it better than not having anything to do. 

Being able to have Indian tasting chai in Berlin is funnily the only thing I can orient myself to on some days. Something about the fact that it tastes exactly the same in another time zone, something about its memories with people and places in my life, something about the fact that it reminds me all at once of being at home in Goa and in Pune, of drinking an end-of-a-work-day cup with my sister, the 'open canteen' in Pune, being in the PG (Paying Guest accommodation) with my roommate and being in the kitchen of my grandparents' place is pretty damn comforting.

Toast with me
A toast to tea

Gloom be damned,
The Cyniqueen


The Bohemian Teacher said...

Gloom be damned indeed! Cheer up, you can do it! Have yourself a lovely spring. Nature comforts. Virtual hug! :)

Cyniqueen said...

Carolina - Thank you for the hug. I needed it! And so true, nature comforts like nothing else can xxo