Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'Cause growing up is awfuller than all the awful things that ever were.

Narrrr, sometimes I hate pretending that I'm a grown up. Think about it, really. Someone back in the prehistoric day decided that in order to grow up, you had to stop being a child. And truth be told, I don't see what is so terrible about childhood, that golden time when it was really really hard to be sad.

The truth of the matter is, we are all one hobo-trying-to-grab-your-hair away from snapping. Which happened to me at the subway station a few days ago. The hair grabbing attempt, I mean, not the snapping. The snapping is currently hidden away in the folds and curves of a looming screeching university deadline, which has assumed more urgency than other things like losing your mind.

And I must also, while I'm at it, tell you about my epiphany about work/homework/procrastination related stress. We're never actually stressed out about our tensions and problems. The thing that causes the stress is the stress itself. Take that away and you simply have that assignment you have to write or those pile of dishes you have to do. Take that burden off your shoulders and you're light enough to just do the thing that's getting you down. I realized this and was all woooooaaah, but as it turns out, setting this theory to practice is a bit stressful. Heh.

It was almost 30 degrees today and it's so so surreal how 30 degrees in India is like tralala but here in Berlin it just feels like a furnace. Time to buy that fan, I think.

Har har

This profound meme I found captures how I've been feeling for the last few weeks.

Oh well. It gets better, right? Blogging always helps.

Waiting for Godot,
The Cyniqueen

P.S - If you didn't understand the title, you absolutely must listen to 'I Won't Grow Up' from the Peter Pan movie. You must.


K. said...

Le fffuuuck. Ich lese dein Blog statt mein Kommentar zu schreiben (ja, es ist halb zwei, na und? >___<)

Anyway. ich wollte ein Bild veröffentlichen, über ein "Fan" und ein Comicrage (den kennst du schon), aber ich kann in den Kommentare keine Bilder veröffentlichen. Le scheisse.

Let's write 2000 Anschläge, und dann ins Bett!

Cyniqueen said...

Hahahaha. Dein Kommentar war total lustig. Mail mir mal das Foto, ich will es sehen. Und ja, jetzt ist es schon 10 nach 2 und ich schreibe Blog Posts statt mein Referat zu schreiben.

Le fffuuuuck tatsächlich!

Zeebs said...

Woah Berlin! (insert envious looks here)

And thirty degrees is cooked chicken. Schmikes. I love peter pan, and I think I'm perpetually stuck at the mentality of an eight year old- so growing up only comes either when it's time to party or time to sober up. Gah. I hate uni. I have exams. Why am I still on here. Kill me now.

Sighs, nice post though! :)

Gunjan said...

It is nice to hold on to the memories of being a kid. But it's worthwhile to remember that back then we felt the same about Homework deadlines, the small class fights, school, etc. etc. My point being that regardless of what age we are, grown up or not, there is always something that gives us that pin-in the-stomach feeling.

A few years down the line you'll again look back and smile at how stressed out you were at these "small" things. Onwards and upwards. ;)

Cyniqueen said...

Zeebs - Me too, stuck at around 9 or 10 actually. Hard to pretend to the outside world. Thanks so much for the kind comment.

Gunjan - I just went through a have-I-lost-my-passport-scare as you know, so I'm still reminiscing about the days you didn't care if you had documents or not. But you're right about the homework bit ><

Anonymous said...

Its 30 deg and you feeling the heat! Here its 50 degree in Muscat and its worst possible