Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cobwebs and Sunshine

Dude, its been so long already since I wrote in last. As I cough and sneeze through the tiresome clearing of the cobwebs of this blog (and shake off the dust blanket on my creativity), I vow yet again to keep writing. But psaw (its a new sound, like 'meh' or 'bleah' or 'eh' get the drift). Whenever I have time to write, it means there's nothing happening. And I'm too busy with the post-worthy stuff to actually write about it.

Stuff that has happened since the last time I blogged:

-(Fanfare and red carpet type music-) I now hold a Master's degree in English. Although I am yet to pick up, or apply for, my degree certificate.

-I have finished a course in German ('Tada!' music). The very beginners' course. The first of many to come.

-I moved from my cramped old place where five girls lived in a hall/kitchen and I was in the kitchen. For two years. With kitchen cockroaches for company. And at the very end, a baby gecko whom I lovingly christened Chhamiya. Still not sure what Chhamiya means though. So anyway, I now live on the first floor of a bungalow which is a huuuge airy 1 bhk. Like when the mobile rings and I'm at the other end of the house, I have to run to answer it on time. Like run run. Whee!

-I have grown as a person with learning all the new house-managing stuff.

-I have grown. Physically. As in weight-wise. Oh, I'm not fat. It's just the face and the arms. You know, the very first things you notice about a person. And I used to be bikini slim. Life's a bitch.

-And lastly, I am home in Goa between two German courses.

Looks like I'm home (from Pune) at a good time, what with all the swine flu cases on the rise. They say class will start a day later, on the 19th, but everyone's like don't go. It's weird how I actually miss having a routine that I have in Pune. Although, heh, I haven't even been home for a week.

So this line of pearl-like pimply things has sprouted on a part of my forehead after I got my eyebrows done last time. Hurrah for sensitive skin. Got new creams and gels to apply on my face now. As someone pointed out - Dermatologists have a cool thing going - there's always something up with everyone's skin. AND there's almost no risk of your patients dying. Maybe I shoulda done that. Oh right, I suck at Science.

Books - Dark Benediction by Walter M. Miller Jr. Sci Fi short stories. Took like 7 months to arrive after I'd first ordered it, but totally worth it.


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