Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dhan Te Nan....Tadadada..! (The Cyniqueen does some cynic-ing)

I went to watch Kaminey (Dhan Te Nan...Tadadada!) at Osia today. More of which later, we need to be talking about ME right now. [PMS alert!]

So yeah, Margao after you've gained a little bit of weight? Not kind. Met a guy who I haven't seen since college and don't know very well. After a brief hi or whatever, he says "So, you're fat." Just like that. I just smiled and nodded. But like WTF?

I mean I'm not fat, you know? Because in college I was stick-thin, like I needed to put on some weight. And now I've gained ein bisschen ... and suddenly what, I'm fat? And this PERSON, who I don't wanna judge but is no James Bond himself (to say the least), thinks he can say whatever the heck he wants to me just because I've gained weight? So even if you are in no way superior to someone, simply because they gain weight you obtain some sort of legitimacy to be rude in that way? And have you noticed, its only when you've gained weight. Never for acne, or bad hair, but always for weight increase. Aaaargh. (Am I overreacting? I don't care)

Plus, you know, I didn't say "hey, can't say that about you. You haven't changed at all. I mean, you're still as ugly as a buffalo's bottom. When it's sh*tting." Although I should've. But the thing is comebacks don't come to me till long after something like this has happened. And I'm usually boiling ferociously with rage/ stunned into silence by the sheer shock of it to even say something mean back to the Di*khead in question.

Whew. Okay. Steam blown off. Sort of. Read on. Will be better, I promise :-D

So, back to the day. Osia (theatre). Kaminey (Dhan Ta Nan...Tadadada!!). I was wearing my flowery, satiny 22nd birthday top. Maybe it's a bit too much, I mused as I got ready. But I needed the boost, because I was sure to meet lotsa people. And sure enough, I met about 3 people from school, 4 from college, not to mention those I just saw or know by face. I love my city : )

After Kaminey (Dhan Te Nan...Tadadada!!) D, Ella, my sis and I went to CanapĂ© where I didn't recognize or talk to the owner's son, who was there and who I know. Felt so stupid later. That apart, the coffee was lovely and D (who goes regularly with Ella) made us order a grilled chicken sandwich thing, which was yummy. And I got the coffee reheated, which unfortunately I have to get done everywhere, almost every time. Because enlighten me – aren't hot beverages supposed to be hot? Right? Right? Then why don't people just bloody well serve it hot? The Ultimate Hot Chocolate at Mocha has always been lukewarm at best when I've ordered it. And they look weird at me when I ask to get it heated. People, I tell you.

The best part was meeting Manny from college (name changed, like all the others.Muahaha!), who's always been a sweetheart. Like someone whose cheeks you wanna pinch (but don't. Obviously). He's off to Australia in Jan. Hope to meet him before that.

Right now : Hindi songs I'm listening to (which is not a usual thing, me listening to Hindi songs) --

  • DHAN TE NAN...Tadadada!!!! (Kaminey)
  • Chor Bazaari (Love Aaj Kal)
  • Raat Ke Dhai Baje (Kaminey)
  • Thode Bheege (Kaminey)
  • Aazma - Luck is the Key (Luck) - The rock version sung by Shruti Hassan. Is she hot or what? ;-)

Happy Independence Day! Have a great Sunday, y'all. I, on the other hand, will, how do you say, wallow in the misery that is my life...nah, I'm just messing around. Dhan Te Nan...Tadadada! Tadadadadadada...

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