Monday, August 17, 2009

'Have you floated in the full moon night sky yet?' Random ramblings of a distracted Cyniqueen.

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Why, oh why, I ask (ever so respectfully), is no bloody one online when you want to chat? And why when you don't want to, people keep bing binging you (That's the Google Talk message tone. I use Google Talk. I luuurve Google Talk)? I know, the easier thing to do would be to not sign in. Duh. But you know when you want to be connected with people but not talk? Like when you're at home and people are want to be left alone but at the same time you're just glad that some one's around the house somewhere doing their own thing?

Now, there aren't too many people on my Gtalk list, which is why I still like Gtalk. Yahoo Messenger, on the other hand, is clogged with contacts, most of whom I don't even know that well. So on the rare occasions that I do sign in, I end up staying invisible, reading the offline messages if I have any, and leaving quietly. In the same way you would slink off stealthily from a party with loud music you don't enjoy and old acquaintances you have no intention of talking to.

I was to leave for Pune on Tuesday, but Swine flu has everyone telling me not to go by public transport. So I guess I'm going to have to miss a day or two (which is about 7 hours of teaching. Gulp.) and leave by car with someone else, maybe mom's friend's daughter who also studies in Pune. Now, my institute which could have remained closed a little longer like all others is re-opening on Wednesday. If I was still doing M.A, missing class would have been less of a problem. But now, it's a super intensive course so it's hard to make up for if you miss something. Dilemma type situation. I hate to leave Goa. I hate to miss class. Absolutely perfect. Huh.
Which by the way, is to inform the few people who read this blog (and what lovely people they are, have I ever mentioned?) that posting may be irregular or less frequent whenever I do go to Pune. Sigh. I know, I'll miss you too :D

Good things about today : I got to nap in the afternoon - a nice, quiet, long, quiet, peaceful, quiet, deep, quiet nap. Because in Pune as I have bitched before, I'm certain, there are always these annoying little sounds at all times - people laughing/coughing/screaming/fighting/hawking/sometimes just like exhaling loudly (what? I swear it happens), music, construction, cars honking - oh, the honking. I despise the honking. I mean, people, it's not a magic button to clear traffic, for crying out loud! Or crying out soft actually, I prefer crying out soft. Teehee.

So ANYWAY, I dreamt, among numerous other things that I had the ability to go through walls and to fly. And in my dream, I'd had a shitty day and just wanted to get away. So 'whoosh!', went I into the full moon night sky. And the full moon night sky was peppered with soft white tufts of clouds, it was; and I whooshed and flipped over so that I was sort of doing a back stroke floating thing, just listening to songs on my ipod (which I had diligently remembered to carry along) and looking at the clouds, with the breeze blowing. And one of the clouds looked exactly like a statue of Lord Ganesha. All of which should have been petrifying at the time, but it wasn't.

And in other news, Remmer, my Russian classmate from M.A emailed. Felt nice. That's all folks.

Bis später,
The Cyniqueen

P.S - Going shopping for much needed home-clothes with my sis tomorrow!
Also, 'bis später' means 'until later' in German.

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