Monday, October 25, 2010

Withdrawal symptoms...

Berlin, I miss you. I miss listening to German all around and feeling good about understanding a language I just learnt. I miss the plump pigeons. I miss wearing a coat and buttoning and unbuttoning it as you have to get inside. I miss the annoyance that it caused. I miss feeling excited about what new place I'd be seeing each day. I miss how scared I was to travel within the city on my own for the first time ever. I miss taking the U-Bahn. I miss walking into the Supermarkts and just looking, awe-eyed, at the sheer variety of everything. The sandwiches are missed, and the brötchen (a type of German bread which smells so fresh and tastes so good, you wouldn't want to ever have Indian sliced bread again). I miss googling about the weather forecast before stepping out. I miss missing India, ab und zu (translation: now and then). I miss seeing potential photos everywhere I looked. And I miss the people who made Europe, Europe for me. So G, it goes without saying, that doing mundane things together like walking around the city with you is missed. Sorely.

The tangible remains of Berlin- a few tickets (and a monthly pass that enables you to use all the public transport of the city. Isn't that super?), some spare change, books, Sandtiere (which I described to you that one time); and my much loved (and adorably little) Milano cup.

I guess it doesn't look that small in this picture I clicked, but I swear, it's daintily petite. And look - next to it, my spare Euros and cents :)

With uncrossed fingers, I must somewhat dolefully tell you that I didn't get admission for the next level of German I wanted to do, because well, just too many people want to learn German, apparently. So yeah, that hasn't worked out like I'd planned. But in the spirit of positivity that is suddenly bursting inside me and has nothing to do with anything, I think things will turn out okay. Within the next year. One always has hope, right?

The Cyniqueen.


Bea said...

optimism is a key to happy life.. its the hope that shines like a sun in our lives

The Bohemian Teacher said...

Dear Cyniqueen,
I have read through this post and strongly admire your courage. I have found such courage very recently as well. Travelling gives you a freedom and you wish your journeys never come to an end! But sadly they do :'( All we have are these beautiful memories. I continue to be your fan!
much love.
Carolina Primavera :)

Cyniqueen said...

Carolina Primavera (I smile every time I type out that name),
Thank you! I totally agree with what you said. Travelling changes you and teaches you like nothing else can.
And right back at you about being a fan :)

Cyniqueen said...

Bea, I never got back to you. I think 'hope' is the only hope that shines in our lives (and keeps us afloat). Faith comes second. And optimism is the ideal attitude to have, but it is never continual for me, as much as I'd like it to be. But thanks for the comment, it reminded me that sometimes, being optimistic is the only way to survive