Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If my life were a pillow...

New source of merriment and distraction

If my life were a big white pillow, someone would be fluffing it right now. I can feel my life changing, ever so slightly, in the smallest little ways possible, but I like it. I'm growing (not horizontally any more, thank God for that), I'm evolving and it feels nice.

What else has evolved? Stupid Diwali cracker bombs, that's what. They've gotten louder, noisier, and show 60% increased chances of me turning into a serial killer (note: aforementioned figure may not be completely accurate). Yes, crackers can be fun (even though they cause pollution and all). Joyful even. But I seriously fail to comprehend how a eardrum-cracking sound can bring happiness into someone's life. How? I get the ones that look cool and colourful and fiery. But think about it, really, Mr.Pipsqueak who lives in my neighbourhood and finds some hidden pleasure in this bomb thing - your idea of fun is a loud noise? Really? Sad.

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you a list of random things I bought in the last few days:
  • A table fan. Which has these beautiful blue blades (Uh, huh. I alliterated the hell outta that) that look like a beautiful blue blur (aaaand, I just did it again) when the fan is switched on. The thing is that it took long to actually get to my house from the time I wanted it and it is something I have picked out entirely on my own, after sifting through catalogues and discussions with my mom about prices and features. Needless to say, I was constantly distracted on the first two days, and I kept toying with the regulator and the device that makes it rotate. Needless, also, to say, I must find better ways of occupying myself.
  • A tea strainer to strain ant-infested honey. Yum yum :-/
  • Two eyeliners - The company that used to make my favourite, favourite water-proof kajal has done that awful thing - stopped production. It is as if a rug has been pulled off from under my feet. My plan is not to panic and find a new, cheap and waterproof brand of kajal before my last stick of the old favourite runs out. Pity. Why does this always happen, just when you get comfortable with a product and begin to take its availability for granted, it sniggers sardonically and slinks quietly out of your life forever. Almost like some relationships. Sigh.
  • 2 huge steel dabbas (with a bag of sugar inside each one) to give to the maids for Diwali, instead of a part of their Diwali bonus money. Which they vehemently rejected. Huh.
Anywho. Happy Diwali :)

The Cyniqueen.
P.S - Family holiday is going to happen, so yay!


Pesto Sauce said...

Which reminds me I didn't buy anything this Diwali

Cyniqueen said...

Lol. I hope this post acted as a reminder then :P

unmesh.ronaldo said...

so u finally got that table fan? and not growing horizontally? i should hope not!

i love that part about the eyeliner. i too have faced the pain of certain beloved products going out of production. i think ill write about it. it is nothing like eyeliner though, only food products.

p.s. i hate firecrackers too. and did u think the maid would accept anything other than money?

Cyniqueen said...

Well, we were giving them money also, you see? That was the annoying part. Whatever.
Yes, do write about food products going out of production. That really sucks.