Friday, November 26, 2010

What a feeling

  1. Having the flu - feeling the strength slink slowly out of you.
  2. Getting that thick, coagulated bit of cream in your mouth at the end of a hot cup of milk with haldi  (to get better faster).
  3. Catastrophic soreness and dryness in your throat, which makes you feel like a gazillion horses (high on dope) tap danced on it. And then the beach tipped all its gravelly sand down it.
  4. Brilliantly elegant sounds of "hack-hack-haaaaaack-sputter-groan-hackhhhhh' issuing forth from said dry throat when it doesn't let you sleep at night.
  5. Having nothing to do and using that nothingness to sleep through some of the illness yesterday. What bliss. :D
  6. When the sun comes out at the end of a cloudy day.
  7. Smell of really old books. And new glossy magazines. And textbooks.
  8. My star-shaped pillow, which I hug in my sleep.
  9. Craving fish. Like craaaaaaving (I know that isn't the most creative way to express just how much I'm dying to eat some nice fresh fish. But that's actually just how much I want it. I waaaaaaaaaaant, y'know what I mean?)
  10. Chewing ice cubes.
  11. Underestimating the squelchiness of a jogging track after last night's heavy downpour. Trying to run. Giving up. Walking briskly instead.
  12. Saying the word 'Squelch' out loud and loving the onomatopoeic element (Go on. Say it. You know you want to). Squelch is one of those words that can have no other meaning than the one it already does. I always imagine gumboots and soil thick and slushy with water and the shoe-prints left behind. And that sound. Never disappoints. Yes. Sensory pleasure.
  13. Food getting spoilt and having to throw it away :(
  14. Images of Berlin slapping you in the face from nowhere. Missing Hackescher Markt (remember? about which I told you that one time?).
  15. Googling very silly things. And people in your life.
  16. Remembering old video/PC games like Wolf and Sonic the Hedgehog and Prince of Persia. I loved this game called Jazz Jackrabbit, which was so funny and brilliant, with the most entertaining cheat codes I have ever come across. I miss Jazz.
  17. Considering peeling your face-skin off to see whether it would look worse than having a new crop of acne. A week before your birthday.
  18. Waking up very late. 
  19. Waking up very early.
  20. Stopping writing this post because you remember something about not watching too much TV/ staring at the computer screen when you have a fever.
The Cyniqueen


unmesh.ronaldo said...

oh randomness... you know what feeling i love? kicking your feet back, forgetting everything, and enjoying a bowl of chocolate icecream.

Cyniqueen said...

Mmmm.. I know. A comforting cup of hot tea works too. For me, at least.