Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The grouch who stole Tuesday

Did you think Snape was adorable? What about Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada (okay, my love for Meryl Streep overshadows my feelings for the character, but still)? Or even Manorama as Hema Malini's obese aunt in Seeta Aur Geeta - the one with the perpetual scowl on her face? Let me refresh your memory:

Uh huh. Try having a good day after that look.
Here is a question that never fails to perplex me - why are some people so terribly happy being grouchy every moment of every day? What does it yield, really? Is it pleasure they derive from hurting people? Is it overcompensation perhaps, for low self-esteem? I'm no psychologist, but if I were one, I think I might have spearheaded an exclusive study on the grouch personality. 

You can't miss these people - bargaining monstrously at the vegetable market, cutting (make that bossily pushing) ahead of everyone at a store, bequeathing the grotesque glare on anyone who stumbles ahead of them. And they're always around, albeit (and luckily) not a lot of them. As inevitable as the single pea pod from a kilo that will house a fat worm, there's one grouch for every dozen people, I believe.

What brought on this wave of fresh grumpiness of my own, is something I won't dwell on. But it's true, that a couple of months ago, a grouch on the phone spoke so rudely to me, I almost cried (after hanging up, of course). Something similar came to pass today. And being at the bottom of the working-world barrel teaches you a thing or two about tolerance. I suppose it's for the better good. I have learnt to brush it aside, learnt to recognize its futility and I'm still learning that you can't let your own happiness and peace of mind get affected by something so trivial and unnecessary.

But there is one thing I pray fervently for - no matter what happens, never ever turn me into one of them. Never ever let me forget who I am. And (digressing every so slightly) I'd take humility over success any day if it comes to choosing between the two (which hopefully, it won't). Because arrogance and pride and churlishness? Is such a waste of the goodness that is within each one of us. 

Just to clarify, I don't mean to say that crabby people are bad people. They may be lovely human beings (and usually are). But haven't they ever heard of that smiling-requires-less-muscles-than-frowning-does fact?

The Cyniqueen

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