Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weird and lovely things

 Is it weird...
  • that I've been dreaming about my grandparents' place all week (which I never do)?
  • that I see signs of Berlin everywhere I look? Like at the institute yesterday, where they were giving away these newsletters with 'BERLIN' written in big bold letters on them? And not to mention, the tablets I take just happen to be manufactured in Berlin?
  • that even though I'm exhausted when I go to bed, it takes me hours to fall asleep?
  • that the very clamorous harmonic chirping of the sparrow family who seems to have set up camp above the parapet of the window near my bed is disturbing? And referring exclusively to the excessive bird calls, can spring (well, whatever watered down version we have here) get too springy for its own good?

Gulmohar. [Photo via Google Image Search]
And isn't it lovely...
  • that there are exquisite summer flowers all along the roads? Like the Gulmohar trees (Delonix regia in English) with flowers in bright yellow and orange and soothing lavender?
  • that my sister and I are going home tomorrow? :D
  • that tea can lift up your spirits, bring a smile to your face, relax and energise you all at once?
  • that I really really think that Berlin is happening this year?

More, later.

The Cyniqueen


Meher said...

Some same symptoms there. I can't go to sleep too, though I'm terribly tired.
Gulmohar trees are gorgeous.

Cyniqueen said...

Meher, I always feel like stopping my bike at the road and just looking at the Gulmohar. So pretty it looks