Friday, June 10, 2011

Of this and that

A representation of me scaling new heights (with an ever so slightly body. And not Caucasian).

News: I cleared the TestDaF exam (remember that dreaded German exam I went to Delhi for? Which prompted this slightly hysterical post?)...with a full score! It was a moment of such pure bliss (and also some jumping all over my room).

Also, I'm done with my internship, which I will miss.

And, here's the cherry on the cake (ish) - concrete Germany plans are happening again! I can't tell you much at this point (because I don't know myself), but I will soon. Know and tell.

What else? Goan rains, driving the car, German, documents, acne (again), a new book called Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, a lot of mangoes (not so much since the monsoons started, but before that, two a day. Hey, calories schmalories, okay? I figure I'm going to be missing a lot of Indian Summers from now on).

And now, I must go.

Love and health and happiness and luck,

The Cyniqueen

P.S - Image via Google Image Search
P.P.S. - Here's one of my favourite songs, for which you can find the lyrics here. Enjoy :)


Ice Maiden said...

I love Breathe from that episode on Greys Anatomy! :) I have this curious habit of instantly googling for strings that catch my attention on shows I watch... consequently ending up downloading practically the entire OST of a particular season..

Cyniqueen said...

I do the same thing! I quickly type out the lyrics of a song if I hear it on the radio, google it, and then download the whole album.
And I LOVE how Breathe plays in that episode with only the vocals and no music :D