Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Someday, baby

Happiness is a state of mind. Cliché? Yes. Untrue? No.

I'm so happy right now. Even though my room is a mess of clothes roughly classified into 'Clothes that fit' and 'Clothes that will fit again soon'. Listening to Jack Johnson, thinking about the beginning of the end of acne (according to my doc), thinking about a similar, more panicked scene 10 months 1 day ago; and a similar scene which will come to pass in a couple of months from now. 
Packing. Clothes everywhere, strewn plastic wrappers of knick knacks freshly packed in a suitcase bigger than me, worrying about being on time, about good weather when I land, about nothing breaking inside, about perishable food not getting spoilt. 
Looking forward to Brötchen on the plane (about which I blogged that one time), looking forward to Germany. To all that being there means to me.

A difficult goodbye, a familiar buzz, lots of green tea over 2 flights and then, the landing. And then? A new life.

Scary? Of course.
Exciting? Hell, yeah.

The Cyniqueen


unmesh.ronaldo said...

what what what, ur going for sure now? oh wait, did we have this conversation? i thought it wasnt for sure! ok wait...

i like how u put it as "clothes that will fit again soon". very optimistic.

Cyniqueen said...

Yesyesyes. I'm trying very much to be optimistic. I can't bring myself to give the clothes away, ergo, I must fit into them again :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Germany must be pleasant now...send some chill to my city, its burning

Cyniqueen said...

Pesto, by the time I get there (if everything goes as planned), the chill will have begun in full earnest. I'll probably need some heat from where you are